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2nd in Class at Barcelona 24hr 2011 – FJ Racing

2nd in Class at Barcelona 24hr 2011

Fiona, Simon, Mike & the support team at BDM were all thrilled to not only have got a Lamborghini through a 24hr race, but to get 2nd in class! This was despite the 4th driver, Steve Quick, having an incident with the wall fairly early on, which eventually necessitated the team having to change the gear box at 7am. BDM did an amazing job & got the car back out on track in record time, enabling the car to finish the race & getting a podium for 2nd in class.

Mike (Wilds) started the race in difficult conditions & did an admirable job, managing to keep the car in a good position, Fiona & Simon both managed consistent times, although all the drivers were hampered by many unscheduled pit stops caused by the damage in Steve’s earlier incident.

BDM did a fantastic job in getting the car round & we are all thrilled to finish this race, especially as we all thought it was all over early this morning. To add to the drama, a wishbone broke just as Simon came round the last turn, after we got the car back out, but he managed to get it into the pits quick smart & again, BDM did some record breaking changes to get the car back out

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