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FJ Racing worldwide distributor for AveoGo’s LED lights – FJ Racing

FJ Racing worldwide distributor for AveoGo’s LED lights

Fiona James is very excited to announce that she is the worldwide distributor on behalf of AveoGo, the newest arm of the Aveo Group of companies responsible for LED lighting for the motor sports & automotive world.


This concept came about from Fiona’s love of motorsports & having broken one too many headlights in her GT3 Gallardo, she approached Aveo to see if they could help.


As Aveo Group are already the worlds leading manufacturer of Aviation & Marine lighting solutions, they were confident they could help. It is still early days, but AveoGo are currently engineering an unbreakable, resin encased LED lighting solution for the Lamborghini Gallardo for Fiona, & Fiona & Aveo are already in talks with some leading automotive brands to design solutions for them.


‘This is a really exciting concept, as the lights are unbreakable, bespoke lights & have many benefits over existing lights & LED lights such as: low power draw; unbreakable; far brighter lighting than existing lights in one small unit; better light spread; multi use in one small unit; light weight; significant manufacturers warranty to name but a few!”


“Basically, if you dream it, Aveo can build it. Aveo have addressed a lot of the perceived problems with LED lighting systems such as excess heat & unreliability – their design & engineering are second to none”


For more details please contact:     +44 (0)7801 149329

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