Fiona moves on up

I took part in the Gt Cup & Dutch SuperCar meeting at Spa this week which was good to finally get out again & blow the cobwebs away after so long with no car to drive. Gt Cup race didnt go so well as we got the setup very wrong for saturday’s Gt Cup race. The car was just hard work the whole time, I havent driven on these tyres for over a year & we made a call on set up after some wet testing & dubious weather for today but unfortunately we made the wrong call which meant that unusally for me in such a short race I couldnt wait to finish as the car was such hard work! Sunday was the Dutch SuperCar race & we had made some big changes to the setup & the car was great. I had to start from P27 as I hadnt done the previous days race but I finished P5 which was a great result from the back of the grid so I’m happy to be finishing what has been a very frustrating season on a good note!!

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